Karla Acevedo

SVP/Account Leadership

Karla is our SVP of Accounts Leadership. She has been part of the Casanova family for 7 years and part of the McCann network for over 13 years. She started her career back in Mexico City where she is from, gaining marketing experience working for a film distributor company until she transitioned to advertising to start working on multiple iconic Mexican brands.

Her almost 20 years’ client experience includes packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, financial services, government and alcoholic beverage categories, having worked with companies such as Nestlé, MasterCard, Banamex Citi Group, Wyeth Consumer, Tequila Herradura, Mexico’s IRS and Social Security System and Tiffany amongst many others.

She is responsible for leading the Accounts Leadership department at the agency, and in charge of managing the Nestle USA Business by overseeing all communication efforts for 14 brands across many different food and beverage categories. She is passionate about multicultural communications with Hispanic specific and Total Market experience, and always in a constant effort to learn more and keep helping her clients grow and succeed with this market.